Naxos Honeymoon – A once-in-a-lifetime-experience for newlyweds!

Oct 03rd, 2019

Tying the knot with your cherished one is a significant milestone in every couple’s life. And, spending your honeymoon in one of the world’s most romantic destinations is definitely something worth experiencing. No wonder a Naxos honeymoon is indeed on the list of thousands of newlyweds that fly from the corners of the earth to celebrate their most special day here! Rightfully so. Can anything beat the Mediterranean allure and the profound beauty of the Cycladic charm?

Without a doubt, those longing to feel the unique appeal of a Greek island honeymoon will certainly be spoilt for choice. If you wish to go a tad off the beaten path, here are some Naxos honeymoon ideas to consider:

1. Explore the dashing natural whereabouts

The Naxos countryside is filled with scenic villages and small towns and everything from roadside castles and prepossessing bays to lush greenery and mountains made of white marble! The views are simply incredible from every corner of the island. Speaking of panoramas, no Naxos honeymoon could be complete without laying eyes on the gorgeous spectacle the sun sliding behind the Aegean Sea horizon creates. Watching the sunset at the Temple of Apollon while strolling the cobbled streets of the Chora (the Naxos island capital) will give you unforgettable moments to carry with you back home.

The tangled artist-filled paths of the old city (aka Kastro) are also worth visiting, as is the Byzantine park of Tragea (the olive groves are fantastic to hike to).

2. Hit the Beaches

Needless to say, diving in the refreshing waters of the Aegean is something not to be missed when planning your Naxos honeymoon. Among the must-visit beaches of Naxos that stand out one way or another are:

  • Plaka – Great for water sports, this white-sand shore is partly organised and offers spectacular views of Paros island.
  • Agios Prokopios – A golden sand, family-friendly beach with dazzling beauty and lots of tourist facilities.
  • Agia Anna – One of the busiest, most scenic, and best organised beaches on the island distinguished by a long, secluded shore with a small, picturesque port where fishing boats drop anchor. It is only 6km from Naxos Town and provides plentiful beachfront restaurants, taverns, beach bars, cafes, and superb views of the eastern Paros island side. Plus, it is home to one of the best hotels in Naxos Greece, Iria Beach Art Hotel.
  • Aliko – Perfect for couples looking for secluded, non-organised and even nudism-friendly beaches with crystal clear waters. The sand dunes and cedar forest that comprise the marvellous backdrop give this shore an exotic magnetism.
  • Kastraki – With a rocky ambience and a lovely shore on the southern part of Naxos, Kastraki beach is another nice option for people in search of more privacy.
  • Agios Georgios – The closest beach to the island capital with a long stretch of golden sand, cobalt sea, and several water sports centres.
  • Laguna – A lagoon-shaped beach (hence, the name) with shallow waters that make a scenic spot for romantic Naxos honeymoon moments. It is an excellent spot for practicing (and learning) kite surfing and windsurfing.

3. Try Island Hopping

The great things about a Naxos honeymoon is that you can live it all via island-hopping. Indeed, the Cycladic complex offers a variety of opportunities to live the most diverse Greek island honeymoon ever, from wild partying at Mykonos island and fine dining next to volcanic landscapes at Santorini to more laid-back holidays and authentic Greek experiences at Naxos island and mystical places of particular archaeologic significance (see Delos island)! Note that island hopping can be arranged in many different ways (i.e., from private helicopter tours to cruises with your luxury catamaran or yacht) and give you the grandeur and VIP lifestyle you are used to.

Sample Naxos Itinerary for Honeymooners

Leave the Naxos capital and head to the amazing village of Apeiranthos, where marble-built, whitewashed houses dating back to the times when the island was under Venetian ruling will make your heart pound with awe. Irrespective of which beach you decide to visit then, rest assured you will be treated with superb sea views along the way. Dotted with family-run taverns, secluded coves, imposing rocky formations, lush mountainous areas, sandy shores, hilltop caves (see the cave of Za near Agiassos village), restaurants serving local meat, honey (ask for Zikomelo) and dairy products (i.e., at Filioti village), shepherds herding their flock, and lovely bays (see Panermos bay), you will definitely have a lot on your plate to go with! Finish your Greek island honeymoon endeavours at Agia Anna, and the most luxurious and high-end of all Naxos hotels offering exclusive, authentic, and royal experiences, Iria Beach Art Hotel.

Naxos Accommodation

Wondering where to stay in Naxos won’t be bothering you for long. Iria Beach Art Hotel provides a wealth of amenities, all modern facilities for regal stays, and some of the most elegant Greek island honeymoon suites enjoying pristine views of the Mediterranean Sea, among a myriad other.

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