Explore Naxos Greece through its Hiking trails

May 16th, 2019

Naxos is a very blessed island with a unique structure and landscape. This peculiar morphology becomes unraveled right before every visitor to the historic island. Being a very mountainous island, the impressive scenery is laced with sharp cliffs, very high peaks, and a rocky mainland all leading up to its delicate, sandy beach shores. Naxos’ mainland is full of picturesque, traditional villages which are all linked together by several Naxos hiking routes and trails. When you follow Naxos hiking trails, you will not only enjoy the awesome weather; you will also have first-hand experience hearing the island’s legends, stories, and history. It is also an excellent way to feel closer to the original Greek cultural concept.

Some of Naxos Greece’s villages which you should hike through are Filoti, Apiranthos, Potamia, Melanes, the valley of Tragea and Halki. The Naxos hiking trails linking these villages are where you can admire the island’s architecture, building, archaeological findings, and great views. They will also provide you with a beautiful, pleasing landscape smeared with overgrown slopes and glades all embedded with peculiar fauna and flowers.

Apart from an opportunity to see the picturesque settlement, Naxos hiking trails will also take you through natural sites which all bejewel the island. One of such natural sites is mount Zas. The mount Zas in Naxos Island Greece is about 1004 meters above sea level and is named after God Zeus. It is very famous for its cave’s dazzling stalactites and stalagmites while its peak will provide you with a mesmerizing view of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Because of Naxos Greece’s enormous size, it might be challenging to explore the island which is why walking the Naxos hiking trails is recommended for ease. You can inquire for tour companies from your hotel in Naxos Greece as this will provide you with more details and tips you might not find on tour companies websites.

Your Naxos Greece hotel might also organize a guided hiking tour of the island for you as a group with others.

Some Naxos hiking routes you should watch out for before signing up for a hiking tour include:

1. Apiranthos –Agia Kyriaki

A Naxos hiking trip between the two villages will take about three hours or more depending on how many stops you have. Apiranthos village has about five local museums which will intimate you with local Naxos Greece life. It is a hike through a deep valley which terminates with the Agia Kyriaki village. Do not forget to check out the church of Agios Sardonis!

2. Agia Marina – Fotodotis –Apiranthos

If you are choosing this hiking route, you can ride a taxi to Agia Marina Church before hiking the path to Fotodoti monastery. From there, you can continue your hike to Naxos Apeiranthos before going back to Chora by bus. The estimated hiking time is three and a half hours or more.

3. Keramoti – Rutsuna Waterfall

When following this trail, you should drive or ride up to Keramoti village from where you can follow a marble footpath built by the locals till you get to the Rutsuna waterfall. While at the waterfall, you should spend as much time as you can afford to watch the natural waterfall before going back through Apeiranthos village.

Apart from the above-mentioned Naxos Greece trails, there are several other Naxos hiking trails you can choose from depending on your interests and hiking strengths. Some of these trails link up with Naxos beaches where you can stop over for a traditional meal/drink at the seaside restaurants. There are also beach hotels in Naxos which you can lodge in with the Iria Beach Art hotel being a top choice..

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