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Sep 26th, 2019

Blessed with natural beauties many eyes have never seen, distinguished by rolling hills, green valleys, and imposing gorges, Naxos island boasts charming traditional villages with authentic character that can steal your heart and make you fall helplessly in love with them. Some are nestled in olive groves, others on mountain slopes. All have something to offer; something unique, alluring, and almost addictive. Here are some of the most beautiful Naxos villages definitely worth your visit.

1. Apiranthos

Different than any other Naxos villages, Apiranthos is set between two lush valleys. Here, time feels as if it has stopped, giving you the chance to enjoy scenic views, Venetian architecture, and a fantastic scenery of untouched natural prettiness. The mountainous settlement hosts cosy cafes and taverns, and interesting sites, such as the ruins of an old windmill and the impressive Panagia Apeirathitissa church.

2. Halki

Nicely tucked on the northern part of the island, in the Tragea region, Halki is one of Naxos villages most famous for its olive cultivation. The verdant lands and enchanting frescoes all around it and the traditional character of the village, as well as the Byzantine churches and Venetian towers that speak of its long history, make it a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors every year.

3. Filoti

You will find Naxos villages like Filoti offering mind-blowing panoramas and unique sights. Constructed amphitheatrically on the Zas mountain hills, Filoti treats visitors with superb vistas, quiet cafes, family-run restaurants serving delicious local dishes, and lovely chapels, such as the church of Virgin Mary, that seem untouched by time. Drenched with a Cycladic appeal, Filoti is also close to several Naxos island crowd-pleasers as well.

4. Agia Anna

An Instagram-perfect coastal settlement located close to the most popular beaches of Naxos, such as the Maragas beach, Agia Anna has a unique magnetism to it. Surrounded by cedar trees and an exotic, sandy beach, the village is just slightly over 6km of Naxos Chora and covers the majority of the area’s high demand in tourist facilities. Here, your every wish for exclusivity, refined luxury, modern comforts, exquisite dining experiences, and privacy can be granted.

It is no wonder that some of the most elegant hotels in Naxos Greece are built at Agia Anna. The area provides ample opportunities to enjoy everything from fishing and sun bathing to swimming in crystal clear waters, beach bar hopping, and sea sports – even private cruises with a catamaran or yacht.

And, when it comes to Naxos accommodation options, amenities, and facilities, chances are Agia Anna will cover all your needs, as it ticks the boxes of even the most discerning traveler with what is provided.

5. Koronos

If you are after Naxos villages with a particular welcoming atmosphere and hospitable people, then this small dot on the north-east of the island is your go-to location. It is quite far from the island capital, the Chora (about 36km) but the views you get from here are simply unsurpassable. Settled amidst a gorge-like mountainside, Koronos is a typical Cycladic settlement with elements from Greek architecture evident all around. While exploring this place, do try the local wine – it is delicious!

6. Agios Arsenios

The locals also call it Agersani and overlooks the southwestern side of Naxos Greek island. Agios Arsenios sits on the slopes of two hills and is named after the small chapel that was constructed way before the village was built. Most of the residents here (no more than 1,000 people) are mainly potato farmers. As you walk the streets of this quaint village, you will get past well-attended flower courtyards and profound natural beauty. As for the views, they are magical.

Where to Stay

Naxos island caters to the requirements of every visitor, budget-wise. This means that you are provided with a wealth of accommodation options, ranging from luxury hotels in Naxos offering all the modern comforts and amenities for VIP holidays to nice Bed & Breakfast lodgings.

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