Terms and Conditions of the random drawing

Iria Beach Art Hotel, based in Naxos Island, Greece is organizing a random drawing called "Drawing for a Day Cruise for 2 People - February 2019"

For reservations made directly to Iria Beach Art Hotel (through our Online Booking System or our Online Reservation Form) during February 2019 for a minimum stay of 4 nights during our operating season ((May 1st to October 19th, 2019)) participants will be placed automatically in a random drawing eligible to win the prize of 2 (two) tickets for a day cruise to one of the following Greek island destinations:

  • Delos & Mykonos
  • Amorgos
  • Koufonissi
  • Iraklia & Koufonissi

Each booked reservation is eligible only for one stake (2 tickets) in the raffle drawing.

The raffle drawing will be conducted on March 15th, 2019. An automated software application program will be used which will select one email at random from an email pool of entries.

The lucky winner will be announced on Iria Beach Art Hotel’s social media Facebook & Instagram accounts.

The lucky winner may select only ONE destination as previously outlined above, during their stay at Iria Beach Art Hotel.

Day cruises are conducted according to the schedule, terms and conditions of the cruise company, in cooperation with Iria Beach Art Hotel.

The lucky winner will receive two tickets for a day cruise during their stay at Iria Beach Art Hotel in Naxos. Both tickets apply to the same day cruise (same date and time)

The prize cannot be redeemed with currency or other considerations and may not be exchanged or replaced by another.

The prize is personal and nontransferable.

If during the Winner's stay, the ship is not allowed to depart due to weather conditions or force majeure, the Winner will be able to choose a bus tour on the island of Naxos for two people, from a list of available tours. Further information will be available at that time at the reception area of Iria Beach Art Hotel in Naxos. The bus tour will be conducted during the Winner's stay at Iria Beach Art Hotel, subject to the same terms and conditions.

Reservations made prior to or after the month of February, 2019, cannot participate in this specific random drawing and there can be no claim to any past, current or future prizes.

Entries of this specific random drawing are not transferrable to subsequent drawings

If the winner(s) cancels or amends their booking for less than 4 nights following the drawing, the tickets for the day cruise are automatically cancelled.

Participation in the random drawing implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms.