Water Sports in Naxos Greece

Apr 23rd, 2019

Naxos Greece is one of the Cycladic islands which have been in existence since the 4th millennium BC. It is popularly regarded as the birth town of Zeus and 12 other Greek Gods. The island’s land is very fertile, imposing and exhibits primeval majesty. Naxos Island is located right in the center of the Cyclades and wedged between Paros and Mykonos. It is also the most mountainous of the Cycladic Islands.

Engaging in Naxos water sports is one of the many ways to enjoy your stay in Naxos. Apart from Naxos spectacular architecture, style, and ever busy nightlife, another striking feature of Naxos Island are its beaches. The primary feature which makes Naxos ideal for watersports are the many beaches adorning its landscape.

Naxos Greece beaches are spectacular as each of them possesses a feature which differentiates it from the rest. Some of them suitable for Naxos watersports are Mikra beach, Kalanthos beach, Moutsuna, and Prokopios beach.

There are a lot of watersports to engage yourself with when in Naxos. The most common among them which you should prepare for are:

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Naxos

Naxos Windsurfing and Naxos kitesurfing are among the most common Naxos watersports. This is mainly because Meltemia, the northern wind blowing over Naxos creates perfect spots for the two sports on the island. It is also best to go for Naxos Windsurfing when the island’s wind is steady and strong and it is usually in the early afternoons. Specifically, the best Naxos windsurfing locations are in Plaka, Laguna, Agios Prokopios, and Agios Georgios while the best Naxos kitesurfing spot is located in Mikri Vagla which is also popularly regarded as the best place to kitesurf in the whole of Greece. In the abovenamed locations, you will likely find Naxos windsurfing clubs and centers where you can purchase or rent equipment.

Swimming and Snorkeling

Among the many Naxos, watersports include swimming and snorkeling. With the clean and beautiful beaches, spending a day in the waters and sunbathing after that isn’t a bad idea after all. What’s more? You can easily purchase swimming gears in shops adorning the beaches in case you didn’t remember to pack one.

Diving/Scuba Diving

If the thought of a plunge into cool, clear waters appeal to your adventurous side, you should including diving into your bucket list of Naxos watersports. And if you are more daring and skilled, you can try out scuba diving while at it.

Other examples of Naxos watersports you should take note and prepare for include: jet skiing, water skiing, single ski, wakeskate, wakeboard, banana-boat, fly manta ray, sea- kayaking, canoe-kayaking, pedalo and Stand Up Paddleboard among others.

With the many watersports available to choose from in Naxos, it is important you select accommodation in one of the hotels in Naxos which will afford you a means of relaxing after every exhausting water sporting day in Naxos. To further accentuate naxos suitability for water sports, most of the best hotels in Naxos are beach hotels.

One of the best ways to easily enjoy Naxos watersports is staying in one of Naxos Island hotels; an example of one which will help you have access to all the island has to offer in terms of watersports it the Iria Beach Art hotel.

When you visit Naxos, ensure you take a shot or millions of adrenaline bay engaging in watersports!

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