Diverse Naxos Beaches (Part II)

Jun 23rd, 2021

Is there a limit to the diversity of Naxos Greece beaches? Definitely not, and despite their diversity, they all still blend with one another in making Naxos Island unique in its own way. The following eight (8) beaches are more examples of Naxos beaches in their diversity. Read on and we are sure one or more will catch your fancy for your next holiday.

Kastraki beach

Kastraki beach is located right after the Sahara. It is a pretty beach with crystalline waters and golden sands. It contains a lot of bays as it is both long and winding. The area around Kastraki beach is quite well preserved although it doesn’t see a lot of visitors. It is slightly windy and with interesting rock formations jutting out into the clear water.

Aliko beach

This is a great Naxos beach located towards the southwest of Naxos town, right after Kastraki and Glyfada. It is a relaxing place for lovers of solitude as it is located away from the island’s crowded resorts. The beach has crystal clear water and soft, white sands. Although there no umbrellas or sunbeds, the cedar forest and sand dunes provide as much comfort. It can be reached by car or bus which frequents the beach as much as six times in a day.

Pirgaki beach

Of all the sandy beaches in Naxos Greece Pyrgaki ranks among the most beautiful. It is also on the south west part of the island. It is well organized with umbrellas and beach beds with restaurants nearby to provide refreshments in form of coffee, drinks and snacks. It is quite windy and thus a good place for windsurfers. It is suitable for family visits as young children can play in the shallow waters.

Agiassos or Ayiassos beach

Located at about 21km from Chora town on the western portion, it is surrounded by green hills which match the blue color of the Aegean Sea. It is strongly protected by winds and has shallow waters which makes it suitable for children. Since the waters are clean, divers are also welcome to this beach.

Kalados or Kalantos beach

This is a beautiful and sandy beach located on the south end of Naxos, Greece. It is an isolated and secluded beach and thus suitable for skinny dipping in the clear, clean water. It is highly suitable for sailing and fishing as it is protected from the northern winds by its landscape structure. It is not an organized beach and visitors might need to go along with their own umbrellas for shade. It is a little bit isolated and can only be reached by a scooter or motorbike. There are Naxos hotels as accommodation for tourists.

Panormos beach

Panormos beach was previously only accessible by car but a bus service has increased the number of visitors to this north Naxos beach. It is an averagely crowded beach with half of it occupied with a bar, sunbeds and umbrellas while the other half is usually visited by nudists. Irrespective of the nudity and loud music from the bar, it is usually frequented by families with kids. There are enough parking spaces available for private cars.

Psili Ammos Beach

This is a small sandy Naxos beach located at the east of Naxos Island. It is a short drive from Moutsouna’s fishing port. It is not an organized beach although it is secluded’ has soft, fine sand and crystal clear waters. It also provides a beautiful view to the island of Donoussa.

Moutsouna beach

This is a combination of two Naxos beaches Ai Giannis and Tigani beach. It is located on the eastern side of Naxos and contains the only natural port in Naxos Island Greece. The port is used majorly for the export of emery which is mined from the surrounding areas. The village is a fishing village with fish restaurants which serve exotic meals made from fresh fish. One unique feature of this Naxos Beach is the beautiful view of the eastern side of the island right from any of the Naxos Luxury hotels adorning the environs. Visitors to Naxos Greece Beaches need not be worried about accommodation as there are a lot of hotels in Naxos Greece, including the Iria Beach Art Hotel.

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